Successful Graduates

Banner has graduated 481 students since opening its doors in 1982. Our graduates are our greatest ambassadors, for their personal and academic achievements in high school and beyond embody the values and learning excellence that are at the core of the mission of the School. The foundation that is provided in a nurturing but challenging environment at Banner empowers students today to lead tomorrow. Graduating from such institutions as West Point, Bates, Cornell, the Naval Academy, Wake Forest, Berklee College of Music, and the University of Virginia, alumni are following their passions to become architects, Navy pilots, veterinarians, ministers, maritime captain, police officers, social workers, linguists, teachers, musicians, lawyers, and doctors. Look to the sky; look to the sea; and look to the land and there you may see a graduate of The Banner School.

Here are just a few of our graduates…

In the words of Sarah Cramer, Class of 1995. [Sarah’s oldest child, Otto, is a member of our Preschool 4’s class!]

“My wonderful experiences in the classrooms and community at Banner laid a strong foundation for learning and caring for others. From Banner, I graduated Brunswick High School, attended St. Mary’s College of Maryland, then pursued a DVM from Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine. After a residency in anatomic pathology at Oklahoma State University, I completed a PhD at the University of Maryland as a member of the National Cancer Institute’s Comparative Biomedical Scientist Training Program. Now, working as a pathologist, I am glad to apply my education to help improve healthcare. All along my career path, I’ve benefited from the confidence imbued by my experiences at Banner and the empathy and ethics I learned there.”

Christina (Bellino) SullivanClass of 1998, completed her BS in Nutrition Science from Cornell University in 2005 and MS in Nutrition Education from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2009. She relocated to San Francisco, CA and has worked in behavioral diabetes research at UCSF and teaches introductory nutrition at City College of San Francisco. She and her husband Sean have been married since 2012 and have two, soon to be three, beautiful children.

Scott Nisenfeld, Class of 1992, attended Banner from 1st through 8th grade; he completed his BS in Computer Science from Carleton College and an MS from Brown University. Scott is employed as a software engineer for a worldwide internet game company.

Stacey Dougher, Class of 2010, graduated in May 2018 with her B.S. in General Chemistry and Forensic Chemistry with an emphasis in Trace Evidence and Drug Analysis.  She has recently accepted a position with the Washington State Highway Patrol, based in Seattle, as a Forensic Toxicologist.

Skylar Chan, Class of 2015, is an 11th grade student at Poolesville High School in the Science, Math, Computer Science (SMCS) magnet program. Banner has prepared Skylar well to handle this challenging program.  During 9th and 10th grades, he took advanced-level or honor classes in physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, pre-calculus, research/experimentation, principles of engineering, fundamentals of computer, algorithms and data structure, Spanish, English, U.S History, and AP National State & Local Government.  This school year he is taking AP courses in Calculus BC, English Language and Composition, Psychology, Statistics, and Music Theory, in addition to Research Design, Anatomy and Physiology, Cellular Physiology, and Analysis of Algorithms.  The SMCS program provides opportunities for projects related to what they have learned in science and engineering.  The latest project Skylar participates in is to design a device that helps a worker with disabilities to insert papers into a binder.

Besides the course work, Skylar will have an 8-week internship this summer as a graduation requirement with the research option. He also participates in several clubs (History, Dance, Theoretical Physics, Chemistry, Gaming, Midnight Players for play/musical).  He volunteers often when his schedule allows.  When the high school is off, he visits Banner often to talk to former teachers and give presentations to the middle school students.