Primary School

Kindergarten – Grade 4

Our science curriculum is hands-on, engaging and fun!

During the primary years, students at The Banner School move toward becoming independent learners. Skills in reading, writing, and mathematics develop through a consistent scope and sequence that build from year to year. Cursive handwriting is taught as part of our language arts curriculum starting in 3rd grade.

Instruction in science, social studies, and Spanish is part of the regular school schedule, along with physical education, art, and technology. A dedicated STEAM lab provides opportunities for hands-on activities and campus projects related to physical, environmental, and biological science topics.

With an emphasis on student leadership, the development of global awareness, and real-world problem-solving opportunities,  students build self-awareness, critical thinking, organizational skills, research skills, and study skills. Students participate in field trips throughout the school year that give them a chance to apply their learning in diverse settings, provide opportunities for students to learn from experts, and engage in service learning experiences.

Banner School primary class sizes are 16 students or fewer, which allows each primary teacher to know each student as a person and as a learner. Banner prides itself on strong parent communication and an integrated community of students, parents, and teachers working together to provide rich opportunities for growing and learning. A Banner School primary student graduates with a strong sense of self, a love of learning, important social skills, and academic preparation that allows them to flourish in the middle school environment.