Small group center rotations are part of our morning routine along with Circle Time and specials.


Prekindergarten is a significant experience for children as they develop socially, conceptually, emotionally, and academically. At Banner, we provide a program that supports the whole child, using hands-on exploration, movement, whole group and small group instruction, and familiar routines to help your child delight in learning.

Our whole child, whole brain approach fosters self-confidence and specific academic competencies while supporting the blossoming character that Prekindergarten students are able to develop in structured, yet nurturing settings. The classroom is both indoors and outdoors, stimulating curiosity and wonder within students so they can forge connections between the world around as they develop science concepts. Learning with movement, sound and music, visual and verbal exploration, and social/interpersonal experiences expands the points of entry available as each child learns emergent literacy and emergent math skills.

With small class sizes of 15 students or less, our Prekindergarten teachers know each student as a person and as a learner. Banner prides itself on strong parent communication and the Banner Learning Triangle that creates a community of students, parents, and teachers working together to provide the richest opportunities for growing and learning.

Our Prekindergarten students enjoy Art, Music and Movement and an introduction to Spanish as an important foundation for the language program here at Banner. Our STEAM initiative means that students as young as four years of age will be emerged in the connections between math, art, the sciences. Additionally, we incorporate technology in a developmentally appropriate manner that enables students to successfully use a device for educational purposes.

A Banner School Prekindergarten student graduates with a strong sense of self, a love of learning, important social skills, and an academic readiness for Kindergarten.

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Note: The prekindergarten follows Banner’s calendar and is closed for all holidays, teacher work days, vacations, and snow days.